Dj – Germany


Love for music and grooves caught Branko in the early 90‘s and forced him to start spinning and mixing tunes. After compiling a lot of mix-tapes he discovered the first dance floors. Born in the age of the digital revolution, his way to work favoured always the digital paths – at the epic Loveparade 2000 he has been the first digital DJ performing for a massive audience.
Between his residencies at Sage Club and Rechenzentrum in Berlin, he played at major clubs like Cocoon Frankfurt, Maria Berlin or El Divino on Ibiza. His passion for progressive sounds kicked him to rock the big trance parties and open airs like VuuV Festival, Full Moon, November Ritual or Odyssee.
There‘s no music style to describe Branko’s unique vein – expect exceptional music and deep, sexy grooves – his sound will definitely make you move.


ov.silence –
Sage Club Berlin –
Club Rechenzentrum Berlin –

Clubs & Locations

Sage Club Berlin, Cocoon Club Frankfurt, Maria Berlin, Kit Kat Berlin, Insomnia Berlin, Artefakt Berlin, MS Hoppetosse Berlin, E-Werk Berlin, MFE Berlin, 90° Berlin, Pulp Mansion Berlin, Werk 9 Berlin, Kato Berlin, Tacheles Berlin, Soda Berlin, Taucher Berlin, Insel Berlin, First Club Berlin, Betty Ford Hamburg, El Divino Ibiza, Cafe Schönwetter Berlin, Historisches Museum Berlin, Komische Oper Berlin, Museum für Kommunikation, Energie Forum Berlin, Rotes Rathaus Berlin, Museumsinsel Berlin, Kulturforum Berlin, Potzdamer Platz Berlin, Kaisersaal Potsdamerplatz Berlin …uvm

VuuV 2011, Summer Opening 2012, Lucky Strike Awards 2005, Aidsgala 2005 & 2006, CSD Mainstage 2005 & 2007, Fluidium Blacklight Exhibition, Loveparade Berlin Float 2000 & 2001, Generation Move Hamburg Float 1998 – 2000, Heinecken Thirst Tour DJ 2004 East Germany, Follow Me Tour Ibiza, In Bed with Space German Tour Berlin, Sunclub Events Hamburg, Paradoxon Hamburg, Pangäon Events Berlin, Mantron Hanover, Kiekebusch Berlin, Sage Hospital Charity Events …uvm

Customer Events
Deutsche Bank Q110 Berlin, A5 Berlin, Berlin Chemie, Jenapharm, Laundry Industry Berlin, Reemtsma Berlin, Informa Gütersloh, Art ‘otel Berlin, Ars Vitalis Berlin, Hilton Berlin, Wall Street Park Plaza Berlin, Elixia Berlin, Accor Hotels Berlin, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt Berlin, Siemens Berlin, Die Photodesigner Berlin, Pfefferkorn Berlin, Lette e.V. Berlin, Senatskanzlei Berlin, Sumo Sushi Berlin, Pan Asia Berlin, Benetton Berlin, Chrysler Heide, Zweite Heimat Berlin, VRK Bruderhilfe, D+S Europe, Gesundbrunnen Neurupin …uvm