1 Track EP
Style: Progressive
Releasedate: 05/2019
Klaustrophobia - Rest in Pics
1. Klaustrophobia_Rest In Pics – A Tribute To The Hyperspacereporter 07:46

Klaustrophobia_Rest In Pics – A Tribute To The Hyperspacereporter
Cat.-No.: OSM041EP



In Memory of “Udo Herzog“, Klaustrophobia dedicated this track to the german photographer “The Hyperspacereporter” when he got the bad news about Udo and that he has changed the floors.

During his lifetime as photographer he had the mission, to catch all the feelings, all movements and influences of a moment, in just one shoot and dropped his signature-style in every single picture. He made photos on the first goatrance events on earth and started to create a huge picture library from psychedelic trance events.

This powerfull and melodic psygressive track is Klaustrophobia´s way to say good bye and it is for sure a memorial hymne.
To keep this great person in our hearts and to remember him always when we listen to it.

Thank you Udo for all the pics, talks and experiences.
Rest In Pics and we see you on the other floor!

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