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In the year 2000, when the newest club in Belo Horizonte, Brasil, was about to be opened, their managers looked for somebody that would be responsible for the soundtrack of the new place. As they invited Rafael Mendes, a student at that time, they asked him to use his many years of music collection to give an electronic atmosphere to the weekly night that was about to happen. Is that when it rises Dj Pin, at first making sets in all kind of electronic music, soon he transformed that night in one of the first weekly psytrance residence in Brasil.

As the project established itself, Pin start to play in all the main parties in his city. In 2001 he performed all over the country and started to be seen as one of the main djs from his state. At the same time he was part of the organization of memorable parties in Belo Horizonte, putting the city forever in the international route of psytrance. Soon he was invited to play in many different label party as TIP World, Com.Pact, Chemical Crew, among others.

In 2002 he was already performing in some of the biggest festivals in Brasil as Universo Parallelo, Cachoeira Alta and Sunvibe. As 2003 arrived, Pin was the only dj outside Sao Paulo to be among the revelations of the year of the Balada Planet poll, the biggest electronic music website in Brasil. In this same year he made a mini-tour in Europe performing in England and Wales.

In 2004 he was responsible for the promotion in Brasil of the Son Kite collection “Colours” and started to produce the “Carga Eletronica”, weekly psytrance radio show with the best of psytrance music and culture; one of the first psy radio shows in the country. At the same time he become resident in Trance Movement partys, one of the biggest organizers in Brasil.

Later, on 2005, Pin was invite to be part of Planet BEN Records crew and started to perform over South America. In 2006 he became one of the only psytrance artists to ever play at the Creamfields Festival. In this same year he was a highlight at Indian Spirit Festival in Germany and at Earthdance Chile. At that time, Pin was also invited to join the legendary TIP World crew.

From 2008 to 2010 Pin did the Artists & Repertoire management for Planet BEN Records.

Some other festivals performed in: Fusion, VuuV, Wonderland, Spirit Base, Solstice, Earthfest, Magica, 303, Magikana, Samsara, Soul Vision, Aho, Terra em Transe, FFT

Since 2010 Pin is in charge of Mosaico Records (, his own label, Brasil based,
with a fresh and strong psytrance crew.