Artist Album – CD DigiPack

Style: progressive psy
Releasedate: 05/2014

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ov-silence Music is proud to announce the new album release of the german trance project “Expect”, formed by Kevin Schubert and Joachim Luthje who has been one part of the legendary project “Prisoners Of The Sun (POTS)“ for many years.

After their first, very successful album “Southrockers”, which has been released at Midijum in 2008, they now present their long awaited second full lenght album “Music 2.0″ which again claims this kind of mature, high energetic, groovy and psychedelic style Expect is well known for more than half a decade now.

Furthermore this ambitious track collection is gathered as
an incredible diversified journey which comes to you in a high level production quality.

By combining psychedelic, uplifting, rockish and deeply progressive elements, Expect approaches a wider audience
of trance lovers.

As Achim and Kevin have always been attracted to the sound of the psychedelic morning trance, it is very important for them to incorporate emotions in their music. So you will be hypnotized to tracks with a deeper edge and a wider range of emotional vibes which will make you get going even further on the dancefloor.

„Music 2.0′ includes 9 previously unreleased tunes, which make you taste the flavor of psychedelic sounds, escorted by warm and euphoric, but never importunate melodies. By crossing different genres of psychedelic progressive music, Expect demonstrates how to produce sounds which are hypnotic, original, but always reflecting the strong and leading role of the german trance scene.

We are sure that this multifaceted piece of music will hit the taste of electronic music lovers all around the globe.