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Entrance Festival, Brasil, 2014
Entrance Festival, Brasil, 2014


About Oliver Stoll aka “dj ov-silence.oli”
Party Promoter, Label Head and Dj:

Once upon the time… :-)

It all began in the early ’90 with his first contact to the just upcoming techno + house music wave. Quickly he knew that this new, electronic music would take a big part in the rest of his life.

In the beginning ov-silence.oli was only collecting the best tracks out of the three main styles like house, trance and techno. Together with his good friend and room mate Sascha Haske, later better known as Bitmonx, ov-silence.oli started spinning vinyl in 1993. “Only” just for fun, but never with the thoughts to become a professional dj.

Events & Parties:

After some years and apart from his dj passion ov-silence.oli’s interest to organize / promote own trance parties grows more and more. Finally, in the end of 1998 he organised a first trance party. One year later, Oli’s plan to start a weekly, sunday after hour club was growing for some months already. He just got back from the “Solipse Festival” in Ozora, Hungary, when he found a location with a manager open minded enought for a weekly sunday trance after hour. Finally in October 1999, the “ov-silence Trance Cub, every Sunday @ Juice Club” was born.

To make a long story short…
The Sunday After Hour @ Juice Club runs more than successful for 4 seasons but already in the beginning of the second season in december of the year 2000 ov-silence.oli got another, an own and bigger Club together with a friend. The “Traxx & Roxx” located next to the Mainstation in the center of Hamburg.

During the 8 years from 1999 until 2007, ov-silence.oli promoted, booked and organised more than 500 Club Parties only in Hamburg. Additionally he was responsible for some Boatparties, several free open air parties, 7 three day OA Festivals as well as a couple of Label Tourparties all over Germany.

Step by step we will try to add all the parties to the Event History of this page.

Labelwork  – part 1: “ov-silence Recordings” 

The next step was the own label “ov-silence Recordings” with a first release VA CD Compilation “ov-silence – chapter one” in 2002.
In the following 5 years he released beside his work as party promoter and location owner several VA CD Compilations with acts like Shiva Chandra, Sangeet, Bitmonx, NOK aka Galactika, Neelix and Tristan only to name a few.

ov-silence Recordings – Discography:

Dj “ov-silence.oli”:

ov-silence.oli’s career as a professional dj started quite late compared to all his activities. Definitely a reason is that he never played at his own parties in the first years as party promoter.

But now over the years and especially after some people realize that he starts djing in 1993 already ov-silence.oli was booked at many clubs and hugh festivals all over europe like VooV Experience 2009 + 2012, Fullmoon Festival 2011, Fusion Festival 2012 + 2014, Tshitraka Project, Aurora Festival (Greece), L.I.F.E Festival (Ireland), Arvika Festival (Sweden), Freqs of Nature 2013, Antaris Project 2015, or Universo Paralello 2011 + 2013 in Brasil  only to name a few.

Probably because of the long time of his work and experiences with electronic music, ov-silence.oli plays different styles of trance and techno.
He loves to combine the styles in long sets and his track selection depends on time and crowd always.

on my soundcloud, you’ll find always fresh recordings of my sets

ov-silence.oli @ Summer Opening OA in Hamburg