Date: Sa, 12th May 2018
Time: 14:00 – 22:00
Open Air // 2 Floors
Progressive, Psytrance & Techno
Summer Opening 2018


Once upon the time…

We start this project as a free open air party to celebrate the beginning of the new summer season. After a few years we add a second floor to bring the splitted scene of the psychedelic trance culture and the club and techno community together again on one party.

The experiment works and the “ov-silence Summer Opening” got a bigger and bigger audience until it grows up to 10.000 people a few years ago. With the bigger size of the party the trouble and the financial risk became more and more…

Finally, in the beginning of 2016 we had to decide to stop this free open air project at all or to change the concept into a more “commercial” one to solve the growing expences out of state requirements, waste disposal and needed men power.

As you can see with this announcement, we don’t stop.  :-)

Nowadays we ask for a cost contribution of 3 € from all guests at the entrance.

We are still at the same location, “Entenwerder” is a huge park near the center of Hamburg next to the river Elbe. It’s only 5 min by feet from the underground station “Rothenburgsort” which is only two station from the mainstation with “Line S21″.

There are several food shops and different bars waiting for you. Here you can get all kind of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and cocktails as well as delicious and tasty foods.

Nearly everybody is welcome to have fun, laugh and dance with us at the party, but…

– It’s not allowed to bring your own drinks.
– No access for dogs and kids.
– Aggressive or too drunken people will have to leave the party.

All performance and walking acts are welcome to be a part of the event. We pay your travel and take care of your accomodation during the party… Just send a mail with a short description of your project to sign up.

At the two stages build with “Function One Soundsystem” we present you a special mix of local heros and international artists but we still don’t release the line up before the party!

We want you to come to meet friends, laugh and dance, just  having fun and listen to great artist out of the universe of techno and trance music… not because of name dropping!

We keep it running and we are very happy to invite you this year again…

Saturday, 12th May 2018
“18th ov-silence Summer Opening”
2 Floors, 14:00 – 22:00
progressive techno + psychedelic trance

Location Open Air:
“Entenwerder Elbpark”, Entenwerder Stieg
20539 Hamburg-Rothenburgsort


Summer Opening – After Show Party:
from 22:00 at Juice Club, Stresemannstr. 204-206, 22769 Hamburg
progressive – psytrance – techno
22 hrs – 3 Floors
International Line Up
Chai Shop – Bodypainting
Blacklight Decoration – 3D Videopmapping
Facebook Event: