Live – Germany

Second Side

Genre/ Style: Progressive Psytrance
First Release: 2015 on Eclipse Records
Most important Gigs:
Odyssee 2017, Frühlingszaubertraum 2016, Fullmoonbeachfestival 2016

Second Side is the result of a long friendship and countless hours shared in a studio by Sebastian (Digital eFIX) and Fabian (AUI). The result is impressive with their passion for melodies that go right into the fingertips and a bassline that force the body to dance with each track telling a story that you’ll never want to end. It’s clear these two were infected by the PsyVirus at the end of the 90s and never got rid of it.



> Footprints On The Moon – ov.silence Music

>Tiny Soundscapes EP – ov.silence Music

>A Path to Thalamus EP – ov.silence Music

>Northern Lights RMX – Eclipse Records

>Face of Reality – Question of Time 11 – qop Records

>Homemade Psychedelics EP – Eclipse Records

>Under Cover – Talking Tribe VA – Eclipse Records

>Appcrash01 – 73.cpr Single – Eclipse Records

>Different Directions EP – Eclipse Records

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