Releasedate: 08/2005

Release: Silicon Spring – CD
Artist: various artists
Cat.No.: OSR005CD


  1. Hydrophonic vs. Psytrain – Burger
  2. N.O.K. – Ecstasy Control
  3. Paraphonix – Remote
  4. Tristan – Dreams Come True
  5. 6th Floor – Distorted Dreams
  6. Ibojima – Fly Agarics
  7. Vazik – Illusion of Motion Free Download
  8. Tomac – New Kid On The Blog
  9. „Hidden Track“ – Don’t Forget

With the successor to their renowned compilation range chapter I-III, Hamburg/Germany based psytrance label ov-silence recordings makes another huge leap forward to further focus and refine their sound with their new various artist compilation – entitled to underline the second spring of the vivid psychedelic traveler-trance scene:

Covering all prevailing branches of the genre, ov-silence – silicon spring intermingles progressive full-on tunes to a mindbending sonic potion dedicated to the psychedelic sunsoaked trancevibes of the summer – it is pumping daydreamer morning-trance at it’s best. Starting out with the sunshine-promising hanseatic-southafrican collaboration of Hydrophonic vs Psytrain (watch out for their upcoming debut album on ov-silence recs.), silicon spring leads via N.O.K.’s (former Esterian Project) electrotrance smasher, to Paraphonix’ dreamy full-on groover. Tristan’s capturing of the classic timeless trance-vibe is followed up by the psychedelic production of hanseatic 6th Floor and a progressive-full-on tune from uprising swedes Ibojima. Flowing from Vazik’s moody mexican stomper to Tomac’s smile-inducing sunshine groove-bomb, the compilation is rounded off with a hidden bonus song in the best hippiesque herbal campfire tradition.

Once again ov-silence recordings delivers a proper soundtrack for the upcoming silicon summer and fortifies the label’s place on both the wandering psychelectric trancefloors of the open-air gatherings and the urban trance clubs.