compiled by DEAN VIGUS

Style: Progr.-Psytrance
Releasedate: 12/2015

Take a journey into our storytelling world of psychedelic music. „The Neverending Story“ is a compilation based on the same named party line that takes place at the Juice Club in Hamburg around six times each year. This compilation contains 8 progressive psytrance tracks, all made by artists who performed at least at one party of the line. Take a trip with Atom Device, D-Twin, Unicode, 3D Ghost, Waveform, Juiced, Iovan, Multiphase, N.A.S.A. & Turays through the true tunes of a neverending story compiled by „Dean Vigus“.


1. Juiced – Growing
2. Iovan – The Neverending Story
3. D-Twin – Resurrection
4. 3D Ghost – Ocean of Blue
5. N.A.S.A. + Multiphase – New Perspectives
6. Turays – Monsters Inc.
7. Waveform + Atom Device – Wave Device
8. Unicode – Psychedelic Generation

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