3 Track EP

Style: Progressive Trance
Releasedate: 02/2018

LICK N FLIP Cover_final
1. LICK N FLIP – Physical Reality 09:58
2. LICK N FLIP – Vibes in the Space 07:54
3. LICK N FLIP – Chill N Trip 07:04


LICK N FLIP – Space Vibrations EP
Cat.-No.: OSM026EP


We proudly present “LICK N FLIP – SPACE VIBRATIONS EP“.

These progressive trance tracks are produced by a real musician.

LICK N FLIP” born in Brazil, living in Hamburg for more than 10 years is playing several instruments like drums or gitarre. This you hear in his music and this you can always experience during his live sets where he loves to perform some parts with different intruments.

In spite of his long time in northern germany you can hear the soul of Brazil in his music. Always smiling and with a tribadelic rythm every gig is a unique peformance.

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