2 Track EP

Style: Psytrance
Releasedate: 03/2018

Slackjoint - Cyanescens
1. Slackjoint – Fucking Dimensions 07:16
2. Slackjoint – Dandelion Fields (Chrizzlix Remix) 07:35


Slackjoint – Cyanescens EP
Cat.-No.: OSM027EP


Imagine the cavities of your skull being flooded with some sort of bubbly, fluorescent, high-proof brew.
Imagine the matrix of time and space dissolving into oblivion,
leaving you in a delirious state of disorientation – a state known as ‘cosmic enlightenment’ by some, and as ‘absolutely freaking mad party, bro!’ by others. That’s what it feels like when Slackjoint are doing their magic, when they are Fucking Dimensions, and that’s exactly what the duo does on their Cyanescens EP. Additionally there’s a Chrizzlix remix of their classic tune Dandelion Fields that makes the high-energy vibe of the original explode into an emotional glandular firework.

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