Live – Israel


Genre/ Style: Psychedelic Progressive
First Release: 2018 on ov-silence Music


Vlad Dorman a.k.a Terrasun did a long and a hard way to get his own style in psytrance world.

Vlad was born in 1989 Ukraine “Odessa”

In 2000 Vlad and his family moved to Israel, that’s when he was first introduced to psytrance music.

After 6 years listening to electronic music, Vlad gets interested in making his own music.
First project was based on Dark Hi-Tech music and that’s where it all started, at 18 Vlad flyes to play at his first party in Moscow, after that, he played in many parties in Israel and Russia.

In 2014 Vlad went to study at BPM college, the decision that changed everything and puts his life on a new path, that’s when the project “Terrasun” was born.
Vlad experienced a lot with making music and different styles and sounds, to get his own color of music.
In 2017 he starts his way to professional scene with his new style he called “Full Feeling” based on psychedelic progressive music with a lot of emotions and own stories.
Like writers write books and like producers make biography films, that’s how Terrasun making his music, written on his own history and situations in life.

In 2017 he joined to ov-silence music in Germany, Astro Booking in Israel.
Played live in Hamburg, Flensburg and Israel.

So this is just a start of a new way, new generation and new way of music by Terrasun.

The action of Terrasun through time into the past of the future
And its science fiction about time travel.
So you need to keep your wits about you.


>Terrasun – Punch! EP – ov.silence Music
>Terrasun – Stereophonic – ov.silence Music

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